Thursday, May 29, 2008

From donuts to Jihads

Thanks to Alison Parsons for this link.

Say what now?

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Catherine said...

lol what

Adam said...

Amazing isn't it? Wearing a scarf is tantamount to being a criminal of the worst order, dare I say evil.
It starts with scarves and ends in the deaths of thousands of innocents.

On a completely unrelated topic, dunkin donuts make donuts. That people eat. Diabesity is increasing at a massive rate, globally.

As said by Zimmet et al in the Dec 13 2001 edition of Nature:

"The global figure of people with diabetes is set to rise from the current estimate of 150 million to 220 million in 2010, and 300 million in 2025. Most cases will be of type 2 diabetes, which is strongly associated with a sedentary lifestyle and obesity. This trend of increasing prevalence of diabetes and obesity has already imposed a huge burden on health-care systems and this will continue to increase in the future."

Now I am not saying that donuts are behind this, and don't want to suggest in anyway whatsoever that donuts generally, or dunkin donuts in particular cause obesity, diabetes or any other health related concerns. But one has to wonder where people's heads are at, when a scarf is a security concern, while the direct and indirect consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle are estimated to DIRECTLY affect 300 million people (not to mention the indirect affects on families, health care budgets, global food supplies, productive economies etc etc etc).