Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The latest in a string of riciulous moves.

So the picture to the right appeared this morning on Digg. I must say, this little piece of rhetoric from the right has gone beyond the traditional rhetoric of the free market, and into something a little bit more crazy.

The pamphlet is distributed by a lobby group, LaRouche Political Action Comittee. LaRouche has cited that the US health system reforms proposed by Obama and his cabinet are akin to the eugenics programs of the Nazi Party in the lead up to and druing the second world war. Their justification (based on my understanding of this video)

  1. The German eugenics program pre-world war two involved a panel of experts to decide who was clinically unfit to foster the German people.  Obama's new healthcare will be streamlined and rationing decisions will be made by a panel of experts (because of limited resources and a large distribution problems).  The existence of this panel of experts, much like the panel of experts in Hitler's regime means Obama is evidently a facist.
  2. The creation of an independent board of experts to oversee health reforms is beyond congressional oversight, and thus is the sign of a dictator.
Now, if I remember correctly, this board that is being set up is in direct response to republican concern that medical treatments would be distributed by non-professionals.  As it is, although Peter Orszag proposed the new board, he is not on it.  If Ezekiel Emmanuel is on it, his "fascist" tendencies come from a number of articles he's written over the years about the allocation of medical resources when we can't meet all required needs.

Because the market so obviously can meet those needs.

Have a look if you can stomach it.  I'm a bit too busy on this particular day to trawl through all the mindless rhetorical maneuvering that goes on in the video.  The sad thing of it is, most people who see that flier aren't likely to follow it around the webs tracking down what's moving underneath.  Its just another piece of lunacy by those who believe in freedom (TM).

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Adam Man Tium said...

This is gold (in the way that something so horrible, so abhorrent can only be understand through multiple veils of ignorance, cynicism, post-modernism, humour etc etc etc).

I thought that the anti-health care reform lobby were getting as low as they could go with the 'Obama wants to kill your babies and your parents' line, given that a state-supported health care system could conceivably pay for abortion and euthanasia. See Palin's recent - Obama health care plan is evil statement: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/deadlineusa/2009/aug/10/sarah-palin-healthcare-town-halls

But then this monster rears its ugly head. Although it does come from Lyndon LaRouche and the C.E.C.
See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyndon_LaRouche#Criticism

Inside sources describe the C.E.C. as total whack-jobs. But still, given the way the US population is happily swallowing the bilge-water that is coming out of the anti-health care reform mouthpieces, stuff like this Obama's Nazi Health Plan could be seen as a legitimate danger.