Friday, July 31, 2009

US and Health Care Reform...WTF?

Speaking of health care reform, and failing empires, and following Nick's lead, I am going to post some link to a tv show that expresses myself for me.

But before clicking mice and staring vacantly, I just have to ask, WTF is going on in that country? The standard rhetoric of opponents to health care reform in the US seems to claim that
a) a government bureaucrat will make your health care decisions for you
b) anything the government runs is inefficient
c) a citizen's taxes shouldn't be spent on something that doesn't directly benefit them

Let me just point out the bleeding obvious
a) in the US most health care decisions are made by an insurance company, often hired by the patient's boss. Yes. That sounds fair and equal - an industry designed to make money by restricting services to life's necessities, (and by that I mean living) coupled with the idea that if you get sick, you lose your job, and so lose your health care. And die. Dang. But at least its not the government. Because that would be socialism, and that is evil.
b) The US currently spends 15.3% of GDP on health care (more than double the OECD median), yet comes in at 50th in terms of life expectancy per birth, compared to all other countries. Yes! That's efficiency!
c) The list of wasted tax dollars in the US would make a British MP blush. This list could go on for ever, but two immediate examples spring to mind. 1 - The cost of the Iraq war: almost US$ 900 Million. 2- The cost of corn subsidies: US$ 56 Billion (1995- 2006). Tax dollars going to kill people (around 500 Iraqs per day) and citizen soldiers (4,331) in overseas wars and cheaper junk food that probably kills them at home. That's directly beneficial.

I just don't understand how people swallow the steaming pile of lies that is being shat out upon them. It boggles my mind. How? How? How? god, shoot me in the face with a big gun.

Anyway, this was meant to be short and to the point. The point being this little link to a tv show. Enjoy: The Daily Show on Health Care Morons.

Peace out.

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Rhonda said...

OMGawd. Your list of three questions at the beginning of your post...
Let me just say (as an INFORMED US citizen):
"Yeah!" to all questions.
There's no steaming pile of lies... that is, unless one researches the US's current administration.