Monday, November 10, 2008

On Internet Filtering

I was going to write a big diatribe about how this is destined for failure, and how we should all write letters to the Minister, and then Nicholas wrote an awesome letter.

I think you should go read that instead. Oh yeah, and write a letter. Cos Internet filtering is really stupid.


Adam Man Tium said...

There is an opinion piece in that lefty-bum*-rag, The Age, on this.

I for one want a golden sheild to protect my children from unnamed threats. How am I supposed to feel safe with them exposed to the unknown whilst I am working 13 hour days to pay for new computers and high speed internet and am therefore unable to watch over them like a Hawk. Maybe I should hire a nanny? But that would cost money, meaning that I would have to clone myself to work two jobs simultaneously. And as the government will no doubt be restricting access to self-help-self-cloning sites, that plan is unworkable. My poor kids, oooh my poor kids. Their lives will be ruined and all I can do about it is beg that an interventionist government led by Maverick senator Steve Fielding will make it safe for the poor little darlings.
Now if they instead developed a platform of an eight hour day, freeing me up to actually spend time with my kids, rather than wasting tax payer money and time on a piece of crap filter that will be easily circumvented and will negatively impact upon ALL Australian internet traffic, perhaps I could develop my skills as a parent, rather than being stuck in an office/car/tomb wasting my life to get money to buy crap I don't want or need.
Won't someone please think of the children of working families?

* and by 'bum' I mean those lay-abouts who do nothing but mooch off the Aussie Tax-Payer, lamenting the long gone Whitlam era when Marx was still cool and socialists were going to save us all from big business elites.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can ask Clive Hamilton about it next time he pops in - he's been a supporter of ISP level filtering since 2003.