Thursday, September 4, 2008

U.S. Federal Election

I am sure that some of our loyal and devoted fan base (consisting of millions, no doubt) have been following the recent developments in the U.S. Federal Election.
First off, we have Obama as the first 'non-white' major party candidate, then McCain names Sarah Palin as his running mate/potential Vice President. She is young (mid fourties) conservative, and she is female. She also has five children, one of them 17, pregnant and - shock horror - unwed. As the dirt diggers fire up their engines, and rumours and scuttlebut abound, I am become more and more fascinated by this election. Obviously the outcome wil be interesting, but to see what happens during the process leading to the outcome will be really really interesting.

Just to add a little slacademic fuel to this fire, this is a quote from our girl Sarah P from today's Australian: She is expected to highlight her focus on ethics issues in Alaska and other accomplishments...

Hmmm, I wonder if she takes an irrealist or a non-descriptive cognitivist approach, or whether she is a full blown realist. Methinks the last.

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Adam said...

In the lead up to tomorrow night's VP debate between Sarah Palin (R) and Joe Biden (D) some wonderful things have come out of the Mc Cain Camp. Here is some stuff lifted from an article in the Times today:

"John McCain’s campaign is putting pressure on the organisers of the vice-presidential debate tomorrow night to go easy on Sarah Palin amid growing alarm that faltering performances in recent days have made her an object of public ridicule...Nancy Pfotenhauer, a senior campaign strategist for Mr McCain, has asked for fewer questions than might be expected on foreign policy in the debate. Pointing out that Mr Biden – chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations – would have an advantage on such issues, she said that the clash should at least be evenly balanced with domestic concerns. “The moderators will have some questions to answer themselves if they do go so heavy [on] foreign policy.” "

Yes. That's what I would look for in a potential leader. An inability to function in their given role. Questions should be directed to areas where they know the answers? Are these toe-rags even aware of a debate is supposed to be? This is not supposed to be an extended campaign ad. These debates, in theory, show the voting populace how the various candidates operate WITHOUT the fists of their media advisors stuffed up them.
I pondered yesteday about the potential collapse of democracy. I sit here in a pool of my own filth wondering WTF has happened when we so unquestioningly allow political representation to become nothing more than a tool for marketing.