Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympics and the Two Child Policy

Yes. What a joy to behold, the world together as one, capitalist, communist, hedonist, all united as sportists under a banner of corporate sponsorship and nationalism. Finally, we all come to believe in peace as determined by gold medals. Joy.

Despite this glowing sense of hope and unity springing from corporatised nationalistic sporting fervour, a little cynicism creeps in. I don't know if China are telling the truth or not. What? No, this is not some violent Tibetan media conspiracy.

First, there was the digital footprints left by the opening ceremony. And now I am thinking more of the One Child Policy being enacted by the nonahe(a)dral politburo in China. That vision of sweetness in the little red dress who sang so beautifully, turns out to be chimeric construct of voice and face. As the Spice Girls once sang, 'Two become one.' Now, don't get me wrong, this is not a moral travesty of the level of Milli Vanilli, (but that's just because Germans are evil.)

Perhaps the truth of the Chinese agenda is being uncovered in ways that the politburo could not forsee. Oh well. All we can do is hope, like the Dalai Lama that Chinese Democracy will come soon.



Nick said...

I feel a response coming on... but it can wait.

Despite being almost brain-meltingly extravagant, to the point that I didn't really enjoy it, this puts even more suspiociousness to this year's opening ceremony.

Philip said...

Don't be silly... its just that the original little girl was ugly. And we wouldn't want to force people to look at an ugly person... people might start might start thinking that being ugly is OK! Can't have that!
I just wish that in 2000 when we had the olympics somebody had gotten rid of Nicki Webster...

Jason said...

We had the olympics in 2000?