Thursday, July 17, 2008

I can't believe its not Nietzsche

In response to Catie's earlier post of 'I can't believe its not Kant' I have knocked up this little doozy.
Get on board your favourite 'philosopher as pet' train. All the kids are doing it.


Catherine said...

Ahaha, best thing ever :D

Jason said...

When Russell visited Australia in 1950, a newspaper wrote that he looked like "a sophisticated koala bear who has just thought of a funny story" (Alan Wood, "Bertrand Russell, The Passionate Sceptic", p.212).

After reading this, Russell insisted on seeing a koala. Having done that, he decided the description was a compliment.

I've put a picture of Russell with the koala at I'm afraid you can hardly see the koala, because my scanner is crap. Photo credit: Alan Wood, "Bertrand Russell, The Passionate Sceptic", p.224f.

jason said...

jason said...

Oh well. You can come to my office to see the picture, and get some bloody exercise!